Monday, April 5, 2010

Frozen seafood

My friend recommended me this place to buy fresh salmon (head to tail) and other frozen fish. They are one of supplier for the Japanese product in Malaysia. The telephone and address as below:

Let's start with the product that they have:
Dim sum (fried or steam), I haven't tried before, but the girl highly recommend me...will try next time

Steam, lot's of product to do steamboat. I brought the bear and star fish cake for my kids. Haven't cook it yet. Don't know how it taste yet.... will review later

Breaded type, will try the squid ring and scallop next time

Fried Type

Shell & scallop. Highly recommended by my friend, the Japanese scallop

Japanese product. you can get edamame, ramen, seaweed and so much more at distributor price

My favorites, Salmon, cod fish, oil fish and dory.......
1) whole salmon, fresh are more expensive. seasonal price from RM 30 to 35 per kg. aproximately 4 kg per salmon
2) frozen salmon, about RM 3 to RM 5 cheaper than fresh salmon
3) Dory with 20% water, per box about 6 kg, RM 52
4) Oil Fish, RM 40 to RM 45 per kg
5) Cod fish, RM 60 to RM 63 per kg
6) Fish head,co and NZ ling, got to buy in bulk, about 20 to 30 head per order (didn't ask the price cos i know i cannot finish so many heads

They have frozen prawn and crab too....

Can call them and ask them to pack before you go, or call the sales personnel Mr. Ong 016-22777 82 and said Janice's friend.

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