Sunday, November 7, 2010

Dough for eggs noodle

Using Kenwood bread maker to do eggs noodle

I used to set my own favorites program. shortest period of knead step 1 10 minutes and step 2 10 minutes. Don't have to prove. Even though the machine compulsory to prove for 10 minutes, I take out the dough once the kneading finish.

1 cup of plain flour (about 220g)
1 egg
30 to 50 ml of water.

above recipe will be enough serving for 2 persons. Increase accordingly to your serving but the machine max capacity will be around 4 cups of flour. try not to make more then that, or split it into 2 times.

one ready, you can either roll the dough to a flat surface and then cut it or you can used a noodle making machine to shape it to your desire pattern.

Potato Bread

Put in all the ingredients according to your machine sequence. Mine was all the wet ingredients and then dry ingredients.

1 egg then top up with milk till 210ml
* about 150 ml fresh milk
60g butter (melted)
250g bread flour
50g potato flour
60g sugar
1 tsp salt
1.5 tsp instant yeast

I used program 1, 500g for the weight and light crust.

Kenwood bread maker BM450

One of the best bread maker. Make fantastic bread and I highly recommend it.

All their recipe are good. I used it for 2 months and now I started to experiment others recipe using it. More of bread recipe for your sharing......

steam haw flakes cake

Got this recipe from my sister-in-law, haven't got a chance to make it yet, but i want to write it down before i forget. will definitely post a picture once i do it

200g butter
90g sugar
200g marie biscuits (crunch till powder)
5 eggs
haw flakes

beat sugar and butter till fluffy
add in eggs
then marie biscuits

pour in one layer of batter and haw flakes, alternating it depending on your desire thickness

Steam it for 40 minutes in medium flame

* marie biscuits can be replace by cream cracker (increase sugar slightly)/ cheese cracker

Homemake Condensed Milk

Got the recipe from here. Thank you for sharing such a wonderful recipe.

125 g butter
2 cup sugar
1 cup boiling water (hot)
3 cup milk powder (or 4 cup depending on the thickness you desire)

Put sugar , butter and water in a blender.
Blend while gradually pour in Milk powder.

Once cool down the batter will thicken slightly.