Sunday, January 10, 2010


Today' menu,

Popiah:Spring Roll

Of course we need a spring roll wrapper. Brought the ready made from the supermarket

1) layer it with some lettuces

2) Spread some sauce

To make the sauce:
a)Minced bean paste (tauchu)
b)Blend small red onion and garlic with some oil
c) Blend one carrot and 2 tomatos (remove the skin and seed)

cook b till fragrant then add in a then c. Keep frying until thicken. add in sugar up to your taste.

3) Add some eggs. optional

4) the vegetable

The most important ingredients for the Popiah
a) minced meat (fry)
b) dried srimp (fry)
c) long bean (boiled in hot water)
d) turnips (shredded)
e) carrot (shredded)
f) bean curd (diced)

After prepare all the above. Mix the above and cook till the vegetable soft, add some salt for taste.

Then arrange as below:

Top the popiah with, Fried onion (small red onion)

Garlic oil

Coriander (optional)

and if you prefer more meat, can add some Pork (char siew)

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