Saturday, December 26, 2009

Mizu, Japanese fine dining

They got 2 branches. one located at Bangsar Village and another one at TTDI plaza. The below are taken at TTDI plaza branch.

The below is the Grilled Unagi set. Served with chawan mushi, miso soup and dessert. Cost Rm 35

Chawan mushi

caramel pudding. Dessert that come with the set

The below is the Mizu Bento. that come with tempura, shashimi, grilled salmon, some vegetables, and an additional ice cream (can chooe from green tea, sesame or chocolate). cost RM 55

Grilled salmon in teriyaki.

Variety of tempura


and some vegetables

Cod fish set (RM 35)

And a Mizu Maki. Nice, with prawn in the middle and unagi with avocado outside. top with special sauce and some ebikko. that restaurant specialty. They got another maki, which is salmon with cheese, which is also very good.

All the food are fresh and grilled to perfection. Good service and nice environment too.

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