Tuesday, December 8, 2009

Kura, One World

One of my favorites Japanese Restaurant. They serve very nice set lunches with price from RM 25 to RM 65. As for ala carte a bit pricey. They even have set dinner which is about RM 10 more expensive then set lunches. Tried their garlic fried rice and it is superb.

Today menu: sashimi with unagi. the unagi was big, grill to perfection

Sashimi with Saba (in teriyaki)

Sashimi with Sanma (salted)

All the above sets come with potato salad (thumbs up)

Fresh fish (2 thumbs up)

Miso soup

Chawanmushi and fresh fruits. Oh yea, got a appetizer, green salad, too hungry, forgot to snap the photo :)

Black sesame ice cream

and green tea ice cream

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