Tuesday, November 3, 2009

DAORAE at Kota Damansara

Try another Korean Restaurant.... Located at Kota Damansara, they served nice korean food.

Today we choose to do the bbq..... as usual korean food come with lots of side dishes.
They serve a seaweed soup once we order....

The below taste like potato.... sweet potato...not my favourite

The chili that come with the bbq meat.

Look like salami... the right dishes... brown color, is pickle ginger....nice

order a soup. spicy soup with lean beef, see the smoke coming out from it....hot n spicy

bbq pork, marinated with special soya sauce...very nice and tasty

After: yummy

Chicken marinated in special chili sauce:

After: Nice

Last but not least, they serve a vegetable pancake (on the house), Thank you....

see they got branches everywhere....

sorry for the messiness on the bowl behind....

Actually this photo is taken before food are served. clean and nice environment

Will come back again.... they also serve set lunches , just like a bento set at RM 18 nett. will be back to try that....

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