Sunday, November 7, 2010

Dough for eggs noodle

Using Kenwood bread maker to do eggs noodle

I used to set my own favorites program. shortest period of knead step 1 10 minutes and step 2 10 minutes. Don't have to prove. Even though the machine compulsory to prove for 10 minutes, I take out the dough once the kneading finish.

1 cup of plain flour (about 220g)
1 egg
30 to 50 ml of water.

above recipe will be enough serving for 2 persons. Increase accordingly to your serving but the machine max capacity will be around 4 cups of flour. try not to make more then that, or split it into 2 times.

one ready, you can either roll the dough to a flat surface and then cut it or you can used a noodle making machine to shape it to your desire pattern.

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