Tuesday, March 2, 2010

Pulau Perhentian Day 1

Due to low peak season, the kitchen are not able to prepare buffet. Reason are too little people. Which are good and bad. Good is got better quality food because we are having it at the restaurant which also cater to outsider. Bad is we got no choice. The kids will be having what we eat...mmmmm

1st day lunch:
Salad: Nice. But I eat the veg and my kids eat the eggs, 2 plate of veg, what a great start

Chicken fillet with spaghetti in mushroom sauce. Very nice

And dessert: Ice Cream

After this meal, they cater the food more to kids. Great to hear that. I think they are quite flexible which consider very good service. Highly recommended

They serve tea-break with
Spicy Char Kuay Teow. Great, how my kids going to eat that.......after this meal, nothing is spicy anymore........

but they serve butter cake too. great for the kids

Dinner time:
Tomyam soup: i almost fall down from my chair, how many time i have to tell them i got young kids.......but......... they got non spicy vegetable soup for the kids......Bingo, so clever



And the meal was so big portion, Fried rice with deap fried fish and chicken, stuff bean curd, cabbage with anchovies,fried egg and some fish crackers. very nice but I can't finish, not to mention that they served 2 plates for my 2 toddler also. One plate left untouch. feel so wasteful,

You like all the food here, they got a restaurant at KL too that serve the same food. bubu restaurant.

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