Wednesday, March 3, 2010

Pulau Perhentian - food

They still serve buffet for breakfast.
2 days same breakfast, only the noodle are different the rest all the same
beans, potato, bread, fried flat noodle, and a small area that serve eggs and pancake

porridge too

eggs and omelet

Lunch for the day

1) vegetable

2) squid

3) Chicken

4) Fish

5) and bean curd

and goes with white rice

Tea Break
Same cake again, and


And tonight our dinner will be BBQ seafood
But they still serve rice with some veg and curry chicken

While waiting for them to serve the bbq

Squid - I like this one

Chicken wing - tasteless inside

hot dogs


quite big, size of my palm

Fish - extremely salty

Potatoes -tasteless too, but what do you expect from a potato

Overall the food are good. Only the bbq are a bit disappointed. Nonetheless, by looking the this view, the food do taste better ;)

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