Thursday, February 4, 2010

Yam Cake Steam

One Medium size yam (dice)
1 bag of rice flour
dried shrimp (diced and fried)
Small onions (fried)
anchovies (diced and fried)
Spring onion (finely cut)
Chillies (cut)
Mushroom (can omit is you don't like)

dissolve the bag of flour into the pan that you want to used for steaming, 3/4 full and add in salt to taste.
in a wok, put in yam and some fried shrimp, anchovies, mushroom and fried till fragrant.
Pour in the flour mixture into the yam and fried till sticky. the more sticky it is, once cold, the more harden it become (up to your taste)
Then you pour back the mixture back to the pan and flatten it. to make the surface nicer, put some hot water and press it nicely with a spoon.
steam it for 45 minutes.

Once cold garnish it with the balance of anchovies, shrimp, fried onions, spring onion and chillies.

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